Business Units

Ercus Group has 7 business units

We know candy


Over 100 years of experience
producing and commercializing:

  • Hard Candy
  • Licorice
  • Compressed Tablets
  • Confectionery

We are leaders in the development and manufacture of Organic,

Sugarfree, Natural and Functional Candy

Find out what we can do for you.


We are experts on digital printing of flexible packaging

We have the world record for the digital printing project done at the same place.

Find out how we can give you a competitive edge with the latest
digital printing technology in packaging.


We develop innovative solutions for agriculture in Mexico


We transform raw materials like cacao, coffee and avocado while positively
impacting the lives of Mexican farmers through technology, fair trade and financial aid.

We collaborate with: IPN, SAGARPA, CONACYT and 
TEC de Monterrey to develop solutions to help Mexican farmers.


We provide solutions for the effective
implementation of ERP
and CRM systems companywide.

We organize the logistics,
communication and execution of: Exhibits,
events and business meetings

We are a financial institution authorized
to provide preferential financing to
the farmers that supply us with
raw materials

We promote the financial, technological
and social advancement of
rural communities in Mexico

Ercus Group In Numbers


Lollypops produced per month
in Usher’s factory in Mexico


Candy Kilometers
produced by Canelitas. Enough to reach from the Earth to the Moon


Millions of printed labels
by Ercus Packaging in a period of four months


Usher’s mints
produced per month in Ercus Foods.