Our companies

Ercus Group is composed of seven business units

We know about candies


More than 100 years of experience producing and marketing
more than 100 products, including:

  • Candies
  • Pills
  • Licorice (Candy Soft)
  • Confectionery

We are pioneers and leaders in developing and manufacturing
candy, organic, sugar free and functional.

Find out what we can do for you.

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We are experts in
digital printing of packaging


At Ercus Packaging we have the world record for the largest digital printing project
in the world made in one place.

Discover how we can give you a competitive advantage with the latest technology
in digital packaging printing.

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We develop innovative solutions for
mexican agriculture


Not only do we transform raw materials like cocoa, coffee and avocado
we also transform the lives of Mexican peasants with fair trade.

We collaborate with the IPN, SAGARPA, CONACYT and the TEC of Monterrey
to develop solutions for Mexican agriculture.

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We solve problems
related to enterprise
resource planning

We organize logistics,
communication and execution
of exhibitions, events
and trade fairs.

We are an accredited SOFOM
in order to
fair credit systems
to the farmers
who provide our
raw material.

We contribute to the technological
and financial development
of farmers to contribute
to the social and economic
growth of rura
communities in

Ercus Group in numbers


of pallets produced per month
at the Usher plants in Mexico


kilometers of caramel
produced for Canelitas. Enough to get from Earth to the Moon


millions of labels printed
by Ercus Packaging in a period not exceeding 4 months


of Usher mints
are produced per month in Ercus Foods.