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Sweet and Innovative Solutions for over a century

Ercus Food is the heart of the group. For over 100 years we have been dedicated to the production, commercialization, development of private label and co-packing of different products such as: caramel, compressed tablets, confectionery and sugar glass. We are certified and we are experts in organic, natural, gluten free, sugar free, Kosher and non-GMO products. We also have Fair Trade practices certification.

This business division has more than 100 different products, which have national and international sales coverage.

Usher is the most recognized brand of the company and under which are grouped several of our products

  • They are compressed tablets of mint, peppermint and cinnamon. It is the product with which the company began and for which it is now recognized throughout the country. At the beginning of 1900, they were made by hand with sheets of cellophane paper; In each envelope they included small photographs with subjects of interest of the time and they were packed in boxes of wood which distributed in small scooters called mosquitoes, mainly in stores of groceries and in the market of La Merced.

    In 1928, USHER wrapping tubes wrapped in tin paper began to be manufactured. Nowadays they are made with the best technology with varieties in natural flavors, without sugar and with organic ingredients in can and blister and the only thing that has not changed and will never change is the quality and flavor of the compressed tablets Usher.


  • ¡The original Mexican milk palette!
    In 1928, José María del Río Usher and Leopoldo España del Castillo acquired the original recipe of a milk pallet from a Swiss businessman. Since then the Mimi palette has sweetened the lives of several generations of Mexicans, appearing even in some films of the golden age of Mexico alongside the great actors of the time.

    The Mimi palette continues to be a favorite of Mexicans and a tradition that goes from generation to generation every time moms enjoy the great taste of Mimi as a family.


  • The cinnamon flavored candy of the connoisseurs! Canelitas have a unique flavor that has earned a legion of loyal followers who seek them and do not accept imitations. In a complicated world, Canelitas are a simple and sweet pleasure with a unique taste experience! There is nothing like it!


  • Sweet Bittersweet and Enchilado. Bongos is the newest member of the Usher candy family. It was launched in 2014 to the market and little by little it is conquering the taste of big and small not only in Mexico but in the United States where Mango and Sandia enchilados are growing in the national, Hispanic and African American markets. Bongos is unique because it is a licorice with natural flavors of Strawberry, Apple, Mango and Sandia that offer an intense and unique flavor experience.


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Co-Manufacturing Services

For many years Ercus Alimentos has been a strategic partner of many clients developing and manufacturing high quality products.

The synergy between Ercus Packaging and Ercus Alimentos allows the development of unique solutions that accelerate the entry of new products into the market.

Ercus Food' Co-Manufacturing solutions adapt to your needs for profitability, costs and speed of entry to the market.

In terms of manufacturing capabilities we are experts in:

Tablets: Sugar, Dextrose, Chewing Gum
Hard Candy

Depending on your needs we can manufacture or develop options:

Gluten Free
Sugar Free

With certifications

Fair Trade

Our Capacities

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Personalized and Publicity Hard Candy

In 1958, Usher inaugurated a new production plant in Azcapotzalco and the second generation
de la of the family Spain del Castillo decided to venture into a new terrain: publicity.

The cellophane envelopes with two Usher tablets were offered to stores, hotels, chains and restaurants to have a courtesy with their customers and as an publicity medium the logo of the establishments was printed on the wrapper of candys.

Nowadays thanks to the capabilities of Ercus Packaging, our advertising and personalization area offers original and fun options to personalize or create publicity candy.

For information on sales and contact of publicity and personalized candy
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High quality standards to satisfy our customers.

Ercus Food, like the other divisions of the Group, is constantly innovating, forming part of different continuous improvement programs, which has earned it different certifications, which guarantee the quality of its processes, products and suppliers.

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