Ercus Agribusiness

Ercus Agribusiness

We work and offer innovative solutions for farmers and promoters of Mexican agriculture

Ercus Agronegocios

Through Ercus Agribusiness we developed different solutions to support Mexican farmers, transforming raw materials such as cocoa, coffee and avocado into agro-industrial products.

Ercus Agribusiness has generated diverse alliances with farmers and diverse universities of the country, with which it works projects of innovation, whose main purpose is in reaching technological and commercial maturity.

What we do

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We invest at least $ 2 million in R&D per year

iconos Agronegocios1We promote several agricultural projects with Shared Value, where we help to remove several peasants from poverty.

iconos Agronegocios2We want to bring the farmers to produce from 300 kg to 1,500 kg at least 5 hectares to try to reach one million tons in 10 years.

iconos Agronegocios3In coffee we want to move from producing 2 quintals to 30 per hectare in a minimum of 5, guaranteeing starting price reaching an average income of $ 30,000 per month in both cases.

Our Partnerships

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