(English) ERCUS FOODS, will print 100% of its packaging using the digital printing technology of HP INDIGO

22 junio, 2015

A 113 year old Brand leads the future of packaging by switching from traditional printing to digital.

Mexico D.F., May 30, 2015: Ercus Foods, the confectionary division of Ercus Group, announced today that it has initiated a transition of all its packaging from analog (traditional) to digital printing. Ercus Foods is the manufacturer of Mentas USHER, Paletas Mimi, Canelitas and Bongos.

"We’ve come a long way from 1902 where Mentas USHER was hand packed using waxed paper" said Victor Villasenor, Director of marketing and innovation for Ercus Group. "We are not switching to digital printing just for the sake of it, we are actually doing it as a marketing strategy. Consumers are tired of brands talking at them so we will give consumers a voice through our packaging. We will allow consumers to tweet the words of wisdom that will be printed on the wrappers of our traditional breath mints. For years we’ve been using traditional Mexican sayings, but times have changed and technology allows us to be on time and in the culture to listen and react to our consumers." said Villasenor, and added: "While there are incremental costs when printing in digital, we don’t consider them as packaging costs, but as an investment in marketing that will be offset by the additional sales generated by a closer relationship with the consumer."

Ercus Printing, the digital printing division of Ercus Group will be in charge of producing the packaging. With a fleet of three HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Presses and the state of the art HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press. Ercus Packaging has enough capacity to take on the challenge while continuing to produce work for some of the largest CPG companies in the world. Ercus Printing currently holds the record for the largest digital printing job made in a single location, more than 650 million labels with 344 different names for the largest soda company in the world. "The HP INDIGO technology gives us tremendous flexibility to produce a variety of jobs without the limitations and hassle of generating mechanical plates. We can print for the small coffee startup in Seattle or for the largest CPG Company in the world, there are no limits for this technology" said Fernando Gomez, Director of Ercus Packaging.

Ercus Group will set an example of what can be made with the digital printing technology of HP INDIGO and demonstrate with actions that if a 113 year old company is capable of fully committing to this technology, there is no reason for other CPG companies to stay behind. The potential of digital printing as a marketing tool is here to stay and it will become a key competitive advantage for those marketers that are curious and smart enough to explore it and give it a try.

The transition is currently at a 90% advance, and in order to guarantee the sustainability of the migration process, the implementation will be completed in phases for each brand to ensure there are no left over materials and all the old packaging is used in its totality.

Main Contact:

Victor Villasenor


phone: (52)-55-5354-0700